This site isn’t ready yet, but thanks to the Revenge of the Commie Nerds precautions must be taken. I have already been purged from Jack Dorsey’s Commie Paradise and my time in the Democratic Republics of Zuckerberg is very obviously numbered.

Parler has been nuked (it was awful anyway) and I’ll be trying out Gab, Telegram, Clapper and Rumble–and any other you recommend–but that doesn’t mean I am just giving up on 5 years of content and 125,000 people on Facebook and another 12,000 on Instagram.

This will be my site, I will have content up here daily, be sure to check in. IN THE MEANTIME SEND ME AN EMAIL IN THIS PAGES CONTACTS TAB so that we stay in touch throughout the Social Media Purge!

Seriously, to hell with these people. We don’t need them.